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Russell Hobbs Infinity 24cm Frying Pan BW04199

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This Russell Hobbs Infinity pan is guaranteed professional quality and only gets better the more it is used. The patina non-stick coating seals in the seasoning, darkening and improving the quality of your cooking over time - the darker the pan gets, the better your Infinity pan will perform. When you are ready to clean up, simply wipe the pan in order to build up the non-stick, seasoned coating, or wash gently with water or a non-abrasive cleaner. Made from professional 2mm thick carbon steel with a pressed stainless steel handle, the pan is suitable for all hob types and is even safe for use in the oven, however, the handle is not heat resistant so oven gloves must be worn at all times when cooking is in progress. The Infinity pan will transform you into a chef in your own kitchen - you'll wonder how you ever cooked without it! Non-stick coated interior and strong, long lasting carbon steel exterior.


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